Nov 092009

Do you feel lost when it comes to the topic of SEO? Are you looking for a SEO 101 guide? Then you have come to the right spot. This blog was created for people just like you who are interested on this subject but tend to need to know the very basics of SEO. Let’s […]

Nov 192008

There are 5 main things that control where your site ranks in Google for a given search phrase (keyword). Read more below about the main search engine optimization concepts that control where a site ranks in search engines. On page optimization (Organic) Backlinks Directories Social Media Competition If these parts of the puzzle work well all together […]

Oct 042017
Success Story Example

To help in google we want to add as much written content​ to your site as we can. To help make that easier, I recommend using the testimonial idea but calling it Success Stories. That allows you to add to the testimonial sent from a client. Keep in mind, we want to make sure each […]

May 302017
SEO and Meta Tags

Meta tags used to be much more important to SEO but you can still help your site if you make some simple changes to them. The Meta Title Tag is the most important. Recently I was asked about changing them because of a location change….  Well here are some basic tips you want to understand […]

Jul 132016
Adding Content To Your Site (Blogging)

The term blog can describe what we are talking about in general (adding material to your site) but I want to be a little more specific so I use either “Dog Training Articles”, “News and Articles” or “Success Stories”. They are all blogging, but we break them down to 2 or 3 categories. Success stories […]

Feb 192016
Website Conversion Design & Web Page Layout

In regards to the layout and design (Website Conversion Design), the most important thing is a layout that will convert well and look good on all devices. That takes a simple design and good correctly sized quality pictures, not stock photos​. To convert well the top of the site should convey; I know your problem (ash […]

Nov 242015
Should I have a Blog on My Site?

Should I have a Blog on My Site? I get this question once in a while so I thought I’d explain it better here than a short answer on facebook. Then again, the answer is almost always, you want a blog ON your site as opposed to a separate blog like blogger(dot)com or Ok, […]

Sep 092015
Dog Training SEO & Marketing

I’ve been asked what is the difference between a web developer and a web designer. A designer usually designs good looking websites but might struggle to get all the technical features and functions to work. A developer can build a website will all the functions and features you can imagine but the over all look […]

Jan 012015
Using Gmail to It's Full Potential

Recently I have seen some businesses use their gmail address as their business email. In most cases it is more professional to have an email with your website address like That tends to be look more professional. I know it may seem like more work to check a second or a third email address but […]