Apr 212010

What’s SEO?” I get asked that question all the time. The acronym means search engine optimization. But you may still be asking…what’s SEO?!?

In short, SEO is what gets your website on the first page of Google. In this post, I will go into a little more detail for the layman who wants a better understanding and how it’s relevant to their business.

With millions of people searching the internet for information, any business should desire to get their product or information out there on the web. Are you aware that in North America alone, there are 260 million internet users. This figure has more then doubled in the last 10 years! In the world, the figure is over 1.8 billion!

When you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, you typically will see a list of website results. There are often named “sponsored links”  on the top of this list and on the side and another list of results. These results come from two types of marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) and Organic Results.  PPC marketing (sponsored links) costs you money every time someone clicks on your ad. With the best keywords, it can be successful. But today we are going to focus on organic search engine results.

Organic results are formed by search engines looking at over 200 different factors of your website. Some factors have greater significance then others, but the more you have conquered, the greater your site will be seen as a valued result. That is where SEO comes into play.

What’s SEO? It’s the skill set of looking at the different variables and developing or revising a website that will achieve high ranking search engine results.

Can a business person take care of SEO themselves? Sure, you can do it yourself!! There is a lot of information out there from all of the primary search engines.  We have found it depends on your personality whether you choose to learn SEO or hand it to a creditable SEO company like ourselves. Many times we teach business owners how to maintain their own websites.  Many times, business owners prefer not to learn and to focus on their business while we provide results.

The bottom line is,  are you implementing SEO into your business website? If you are not, why not? Are you trying to understand what’s SEO and it’s value to you? If so, contact us today.  In this economic time, we want to see your business bloom and grow!