Oct 112010

Millions of people use search engines but many people have trouble understanding search engines, SEO and how it all works.

I imagine many people think search engines results appear “magically” after typing in the information they are looking for. Years ago I guessed Google grabbed the websites from a “lottery ball” method. It really is a lot more precise and complicated then most people comprehend. 🙂

Understanding search engines and the basics of how Google gets their results for you will help you identify important factors of SEO and why there is a genuine need to know search engine optimization.

Google recently put a 3 minute video together to help you with understanding search engines. Take a look at Matt Cutts (One of the important team players from Google!) as he explains search engines and how Google works. This video has great visuals to help make sense of it all!

After viewing this video, if you’d like help understanding search engines and SEO, we are here to assist you! Let’s take a look at your website and get it optimized to be in the best search engine results for the user and for YOUR business!