Oct 152009

One way to help with search engine optimization is to submit a RSS feed (free to everyone) to increase traffic to your site and create more backlinks.   I recommend everyone add their RSS feed to www.feedage.com This will help with SEO and is something you don’t want to let slip by the way side.

I personally like that this website is categorized by subject and is searchable.  You can also apply a Feedage plugin to your WordPress blog and add it to your social networking sites. (Like I did) Although this site is user friendly, you can email them if you need help.  Good customer service is important. And many websites don’t meet the need. Let me not go in that direction…I can save that topic for another post! lol Anyhow, I know Feedage will respond to your questions!

RSS feeds are growing and a big part of the internet community. If you haven’t jumped on the band wagon, it’s not too late to start.  Don’t you want to take advantage of all the free SEO opportunities that are on the web?