Feb 282012

Question: Pinterest – what is it?

Pinterest: what is it?Answer:  If you’ve seen this button to my right, then you’ve seen someone market Pinterest! What is it? It’s a social media website that allows people to add pictures or videos they like by:

  • uploading them from their own computer
  • sharing it from another website
  • admiring another person’s picture/video on Pinterest

Is this site valuable for business owners? If you are a business owner who takes photos or sells products, you have the opportunity to share each photo and video! In addition, other people can share your images and so forth. Each image can be linked to the website is comes from and hence, you have a great possibility to gain sales and “advertise” by photo or video.

In addition, from an SEO perspective, you are getting a link back to your website. This helps to promote your site and helps your webpage become more valuable for people searching for your product in search results!

Pinterest is growing like wildflowers! From May 2011 to January 2012, Pinterest was the fastest site to break through ten million unique visitors according to comScore. (TechCrunch) It’s obvious that people enjoy “pinning” (adding photos) to their “billboards.” (sets of pictures created on any given topic)

Images and videos are eye appealing and impact people visually. If you haven’t created an account on Pinterest, click on the image above and start the “pinning” process today!

  2 Responses to “Pinterest: What is it?”

  1. Melodie,

    There’s been a lot of talk about Pinterest. And undoubtedly its visual structure is refreshing and very suited for a lot of curating that we women end up doing. But I was stumped recently, in a conversation where I was informed that in the UK Pinterest is mostly male and mostly business

    The question that’s been playing on our minds as we select the appropriate social marketing tool for ourselves is – does the platform determine the community or does the community decide the use of the platform. In our context, the traction in Reddit is modest, but we are faring much better in Pinterest. Any views would be helpful!

    • In my opinion, people guide the direction of social media. If a social media site is popular, it’s because people join! (Obviously, the website owner has a huge part in it.) There are many examples of people helping change and guide the direction of what happens with social media in addition to big marketing decisions businesses make. As an example, MySpace became a site niched to a musician community.

      As a company, you should look at each social media site and note what niche community uses each site. Then, sign up for several for a couple of months and see which sites get the greatest response!

      Social media sites are great door openers for businesses to create good customer service, new clients and potential sales from word-of-mouth and reviews. Social media also can help decrease any negative feedback if a company is listening to the community.

      Sounds like you are going in the right direction! Keep in touch and let us know how social media is working for you!