Nov 032010

There can be humor in marketing on the web!

This week I read about Subaru’s new marketing campaign. They are using humor in marketing! The humor is slightly hidden at first glance.

Subaru’s campaign embraces a new car called “Mediocrity.”  Subaru pretends to introduce the new 2011 Mediocrity.  I clicked on “build your own car” and got to choose between four beige colors. I saw the humor right then. 🙂 The truth in this marketing campaign is that the fake car, the Mediocrity, is actually promoting the 2011 Subaru Legacy! (This web page was removed)

Right now, there are three humor in marketing videos. Each video mimics some of the strategic operations that other car companies have used in their video marketing campaigns. Here is one of the Mediocrity car videos.

Using social media, Subaru is adding laughter and humor in marketing to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker  and Youtube. They want followers, friends, and viral videos!

Subaru’s campaign is actually for the 2011 Legacy.  Subaru  has a call-to-action  with a link to their new car on each page. (Great web marketing!) Their new car can be viewed on this web page:

I do wonder ~ How will this campaign pan out in the end?

  • Will people grab onto the humor and make the videos go viral?
  • Will people not respond and think it’s a dumb video and toss it?
  • Will people not realize the satire and think the Mediocrity is a real car?
  • Will Subaru’s humor in marketing flop or will it explode with product sales!?!
(Note: We own a Subaru and have owned it since it was new in 1995.  My husband won’t part with it! This blog post was solely intended for humor in marketing purposes.)