May 262010

Have you wondered what the significance is of creating a Facebook Page for business? You have a business website, but the world is also jumping into social media! And businesses and organizations are no exception! Most businesses know about Facebook but many do not understand what exactly is needed.

Facebook has grown tremendously in the last two years! There are now over 400 million active users! You probably have a personal profile on Facebook.  But what about your business presence in Facebook?

I’ve seen many who have incorrectly created a “personal profile” to represent their business.  That’s not good! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s against Facebook rules – Facebook wants profiles created for individuals ~ not an organization. (Ex.  Profiles ask for first and last name, siblings, etc.) It’s not too late to correct this problem. Ask us how to make a smooth transition.
  2. Businesses should create Facebook pages – Facebook Pages are customizable to market your business! For search engine optimization, make sure to add good keywords where ever possible and click-able links that will help give value to your website.
  3. People can “like” your Facebook Page without requesting a friendship –  This saves you valuable time and stops giving the impression that your business alienates any friendships. How does a person feel when they have to wait a week for confirmation? Compare that to Facebook pages that automatically approve a friend.
  4. A Facebook Page has analytic reports – This helps you have a better understanding of who are your fans and supporters, how they respond to your business, and how well you are doing with the Facebook page.
  5. A Facebook Page shares administration rights – You can make more then one person an administrator.  This means updates can be distributed to several persons. This is very important for any business organization!!

Personal profiles, group pages and business pages share information, upload videos, pictures and can link to other websites. That’s why it can be very confusing since it may not seem any different at first glance.  There are also aspects that can not be changed once you create it. So, be careful if you plan to create a business page on your own!

Creating a Facebook Page for Business is a great step toward integrating social media into your marketing plan.  If you haven’t taken this step, what’s stopping you? Need  some help? Contact us today!

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