Jan 172012

Question: Does Google Penalize Duplicate Content?

Answer: The quick response would have to be “yes!” Avoid duplicate content and use unique content on your website.

Does Google Penalize Duplicate Content?The other day I noticed a website that had duplicated another website trying to promote the other site by “helping” them. But in reality, using an iframe to do this will only cause Google to penalize this duplicate content and lower the rankings for this other site. That’s unfortunate because the person was intending to help the original site owner.

Today’s article is to help a website owner understand the importance of adding unique content to their site. This means when you see an article you like, you do not copy it and put it on your website. (This would be called duplicate content!) Google would view the second website with the same material as plagiarism and could possibly lower website ranking or eventually might kick out the second site from search results.

So, how do you avoid adding duplicate content to your site? Sometimes I write original articles from my own experiences. If I see an article I really enjoyed reading, I might write my own original piece of content based from what I just read.

Focus on adding new, unique content to your website. Write about the field your website is centered on and always use some good keywords to help optimize each of your web pages. Google will like you and come back and visit often!

  4 Responses to “Does Google Penalize Duplicate Content?”

  1. Hi Melodie
    You are totally correct, and this is never more true than now with Panda 2.x etc which seem to have tightened down on all elements but more so on thin copied sites which are computer generated. This said, some sites duplicate content due to navigation errors, so even if you are top of your game you can get tripped up by it.
    Best regards

  2. While I agree with you that not copying articles, and creating new, valuable content is the way to go, I don’t think your example is entirely accurate. It is highly unlikely that any off-page activities done by site “b” can affect site “a”. It’s true that site “b” will get no benefit or may even be harmed, but it will not drag site “a” down. If it were possible to hurt another site by site “b’s” actions, then companies would continually kill their competitor SERPS by doing all sorts of mischievous things. I doubt very much Google would ever allow external influences to affect a site.

    • Hi Chris,

      Not sure what “example” you are speaking about. I did not write anything related to one site hurting another site in the above article. Please share what you are specifically referring to!

      Love your input!


  3. I know that many people are interested to know whether Google penalize duplicate content. I think that every website should have unique contents on them. I think that having some duplicate would result to plagiarism of documents and information.