Jan 222014

There were many SEO changes in 2013. So what lies ahead for the future of SEO? What 2014 search engine ranking factors should we focus on? Here are a few SEO tips I recommend for 2014. More importantly, always be flexible in what changes Google might make in the future and what new search engine ranking factors can change from month to month!

2014 Search Engine Ranking Factors

  • Social Media – It is not a surprise with the wide spread use of social media that getting your business involved with social media is very important this year. Google Plus and Youtube are both owned by Google so these websites are particularly important to Google searches. Successful companies should also be active in other networking site including: Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Merchant Circle.
  •  Mobile Sites – With the growing use of smart phones, more and more people are using the internet on their mobile phones. This brings up another key search engine ranking factor. Make sure your website is mobile compatible.
  • Local Search – Google and other search engine sites continue to try and personalize your search results for your needs. This also means that when they know where you are located, they will try and bring up local search results to meet your specific needs. Hence, local search will continue to be important for your business.
  • Links – Although the entire link building techniques have changed, in 2014, search engine ranking factors continue to find valuable trustworthy websites that link to your website will increase the authority of your website. Don’t link with just anyone, because that can only damage your reputation with search engines. Link with similar areas of business that you know that are good reputable companies.

Search Engine ranking factors in 2014 can be guaranteed to continue to evolve. Why? Because search engines are smart and technology continues to find better methods to produce better search results. Always be ready to adapt to new methods and continue to have your SEO monitored and maintained!

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  1. Great information, I’m just starting my business Glass Plumes on Etsy and you have given me ideas not found on other sites.