Oct 212009

Viral Videos are video clips that gain popularity on the internet from people via email or social networking.  They go “viral” being spread and shared (marketed) with their friends. This week I saw Verizon’s video marketing the Druid phone.  Close to one million views,  it has quickly gone viral. And look at me adding it […]

Sep 252009

If you are posting video, where should you put it? This is a list of the top 10 video sites from April 2009. Note that Facebook is #10. Always make sure to add video to your Facebook business page. And what is #1? Google, of course! Don’t forget to get SEO (search engine optimization) done […]

Aug 202009

Frequently, I’ve been asked this question, “What is the definition of social media?”  This week I saw a great video that answers that question.  Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a variable that enhances search engine marketing. Social Media should be implemented into your business.  Is your business represented in Social Media? After viewing this video, […]