Jun 262012
SEO Video for a New Business

Google did a great job with this SEO video for a new business! If you are a new startup company, take a look at this SEO video to get the basic steps of SEO! For those who appreciate simple bullets, here is a basic outline of what this 10 minute video discusses: Using Google Webmaster […]

Aug 242011

Can I assume you’ve seen this dog talking video on Youtube? This video went viral through social media. There are more then 57 million people who have viewed this dog talking video! My family has laughed and laughed replaying the dog’s words, expressions and reponses. In case you missed it, take a look at this […]

Apr 012011

Have you seen the Google “Like” button in search results? It’s officially called Google +1. It appears and works something like Facebook’s “Like” button. You can see your friend’s approval of sites and it might impact your decision to make a purchase or view a website. From the official Google blog, Google’s statement about this button […]

Nov 032010

There can be humor in marketing on the web! This week I read about Subaru’s new marketing campaign. They are using humor in marketing! The humor is slightly hidden at first glance. Subaru’s campaign embraces a new car called “Mediocrity.”  Subaru pretends to introduce the new 2011 Mediocrity.  I clicked on “build your own car” […]

Oct 112010

Millions of people use search engines but many people have trouble understanding search engines, SEO and how it all works. I imagine many people think search engines results appear “magically” after typing in the information they are looking for. Years ago I guessed Google grabbed the websites from a “lottery ball” method. It really is […]

Jun 282010

Marketing products in 1930 commercials is my subject today. Why?  It’s a blast from the past! Watching the promo below,  it really made me think! Wow! Have we come a long way in the way we think about marketing a product! With the invention of the internet (Thanks, Al Gore! :)) and search engines, the […]

Jun 172010

Where do you get potential clients for business? In difficult economic times,  this is a very important question that all small business owners or anyone self-employed is asking.  As a South Florida SEO business, we focus on search engines and internet marketing. Let me list a few of the areas you can get your potential […]