Nov 212009

Sometimes I look at companies and wonder why they don’t put more importance on their customers’ life value.  In the last 25 years, customer service has greatly declined.  Today, it’s all about monetizing your product.  I know revenue is important, but it shouldn’t be the anchor to your business. When a company gains a customer’s […]

Nov 162009

If you are new to social networking, you might be asking this question –  Is social networking good or bad? From a marketing perspective, I can only see good come from it. And here are my reasons from both sides – the users side and business/company side. It all began on a cold and stormy […]

Sep 252009

If you are posting video, where should you put it? This is a list of the top 10 video sites from April 2009. Note that Facebook is #10. Always make sure to add video to your Facebook business page. And what is #1? Google, of course! Don’t forget to get SEO (search engine optimization) done […]

Sep 192009

Has your company asked you to show ROI (return on investment) for Social Media? Most companies are looking for quick and simple reports,  that can be viewed in a graph, that will prove if they should add Social Media to their equation. Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer in Social Media or Search Engine […]

Sep 102009

There are three reasons for implementing social media into any business. 1. Build relationships – Here is an opportunity to interact with persons who might not otherwise support your business. These persons like the business, but are typically not purchasing your products. Interacting with these people builds trust and creditability. 2. Internet marketing – Include […]

Aug 202009

Frequently, I’ve been asked this question, “What is the definition of social media?”  This week I saw a great video that answers that question.  Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a variable that enhances search engine marketing. Social Media should be implemented into your business.  Is your business represented in Social Media? After viewing this video, […]

Jul 182009

This last week I dealt with a lot of questions about social media. So here I am, thinking and writing about it!  Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace) is growing and a booming way to network with friends and business.  I’m sure you have seen websites with graphics from social networking sites . […]