Nov 142012
How To Improve Your Social SEO

Question: How do you improve your social SEO? Answer: Previously, SEO and social media were considered to be two separate things. SEO assists people in finding your website through search results, while social media help you to keep them engaged. It was believed by SEO pursuits that both the aspects had no impact on each […]

May 102012
Companies Successfully Using Social Media

A recent example of companies successfully using social media would be a longtime, popular brand named Chef Boyardee. It’s founder opened a factory to make pasta back in the 1920’s.  Today, this company is known for making canned pasta. Chef Boyardee was very popular in my childhood. All of my childhood friends ate ravioli! Didn’t […]

Feb 282012
Pinterest: What is it?

Question: Pinterest – what is it? Answer:  If you’ve seen this button to my right, then you’ve seen someone market Pinterest! What is it? It’s a social media website that allows people to add pictures or videos they like by: uploading them from their own computer sharing it from another website admiring another person’s picture/video on Pinterest […]

Nov 162011
Facebook vs Website

Recently, I’ve seen some articles stating Facebook can represent your business instead of building a company website. Facebook vs. Website. What’s the difference? Here are five aspects comparing Facebook and your own business website. What do you think? Facebook Business Page – Facebook does well in search engines Can create polls and email marketing Interact […]

Jun 012011
What's Your Facebook Strategy for Business?

Everyone has heard of Facebook! If you own a business, you probably know you need a social media presence with a Facebook strategy for business! Is your organization or business… promoting your brand name? developing customer relationships? selling a product? sharing blog posts? getting name acquisitions? solving customers’ complaints? Do you have a goal or […]

Apr 012011

Have you seen the Google “Like” button in search results? It’s officially called Google +1. It appears and works something like Facebook’s “Like” button. You can see your friend’s approval of sites and it might impact your decision to make a purchase or view a website. From the official Google blog, Google’s statement about this button […]

Nov 032010

There can be humor in marketing on the web! This week I read about Subaru’s new marketing campaign. They are using humor in marketing! The humor is slightly hidden at first glance. Subaru’s campaign embraces a new car called “Mediocrity.”  Subaru pretends to introduce the new 2011 Mediocrity.  I clicked on “build your own car” […]

Jun 172010

Where do you get potential clients for business? In difficult economic times,  this is a very important question that all small business owners or anyone self-employed is asking.  As a South Florida SEO business, we focus on search engines and internet marketing. Let me list a few of the areas you can get your potential […]

May 262010

Have you wondered what the significance is of creating a Facebook Page for business? You have a business website, but the world is also jumping into social media! And businesses and organizations are no exception! Most businesses know about Facebook but many do not understand what exactly is needed. Facebook has grown tremendously in the […]