Jul 072013
What is Keyword Research in SEO?

What is keyword research in SEO? The importance of keywords cannot be overemphasized when considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The right keywords should be a priority when trying to get better search engine results. Without keyword research, you could very well be putting in wasted hours and effort not targeting the people searching for your […]

May 032013
Popularity of Keywords

The popularity of keywords and the concept how society uses them every day was evident when Tom and I ate at TGI Friday’s. We love the Brownie Obsession and ordered it. What happened in a nutshell? We read the description and thought we would get drizzling Ghirardelli sauce on top of our brownie . Why did we […]

Dec 052009

I recently saw the question, “Is my website in Google?” As an Internet Marketing Consultant,  I automatically have to reply back and ask you a question: Have you used search engine optimization on your web pages? That also makes me wonder if you are using good keywords;  Good keywords  that people are searching for in […]

Jun 282009

Is writing web content different then writing a book or magazine? YES, there is a huge difference! Lately, this has been one of my greatest challenges in web marketing. When you get a book, you tuck yourself in the corner to read for an hour or so. Not so on the web! People use search […]

Jun 262009

Michael (see previous comment posted) asked me if I would comment on Michael Jackson passing away this week. Sadly, we lost two well known celebrities this week. What a wake up call to this world! In the SEO world, anything that happens in society will bring on the searches in all search engines. For instance, […]