Mar 132013
SEO: One Size Does Not Fit All

Do you know the familiar saying, “one size fits all?” That may be true for many situations, but it is not true for search engine optimization (SEO). Many times, business owners come to SEO specialists for complex problems with their company website. Their website doesn’t rank well in search engines. (Google, Bing) They don’t get qualified prospects […]

Jun 262012
SEO Video for a New Business

Google did a great job with this SEO video for a new business! If you are a new startup company, take a look at this SEO video to get the basic steps of SEO! For those who appreciate simple bullets, here is a basic outline of what this 10 minute video discusses: Using Google Webmaster […]

Apr 202012
SEO Title Tag Best Practices

One of the important aspects of SEO is using proper title tags. A title tag should help you get conversions! The title tag is the title of the web page you see in search engine results. If a person isn’t attracted to the title tag, it is highly likely you won’t get their traffic to […]

Sep 302011
SEO vs Adwords

We’ve met many businesses that spend thousands of dollars on Adwords and don’t get a good return on investment. (ROI) I want to share the differences between SEO vs Adwords. (Google’s paid advertising also known as pay-per-click.) Are they the same or different? Is one better then the other? Is one less expensive? Is one […]

Jun 302011
Search Engine Optimization Definition

What is search engine optimization? The definition of search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is the technique and process of helping your website become visable in search engine results. (Such as Google, Yahoo or Bing) Search Engine Optimization considers how a search engine works then examines what phrases or keywords people are searching for and […]

May 032011
Top Ten SEO Tips

Here are my top ten SEO tips: 10. Use structured format to create your website – Believe it or not, the foundation of your website is important for good search engine optimization. The depth of each page should not be more then three layers (3 clicks) deep. If you try to repair this after a […]

Dec 132010

Question – How Do I Get a Better Listing in Search Engines? Answer – BASICS Of INTERNET MARKETING – SEO 1) On page optimization – Tags (title description, keyword, headings, text, good navigation) along with a clear subject matter focus, calls to action, Google sitemaps and more…. 2) Back links – Link exchanging. These can […]

Nov 102010
How Do I Get Links to My Site?

When other sites link to your own site it tells search engines that your site is probably important. Once you know the importance of links to your site (also known as backlinks) you’ll be asking, “How do I get links to my site?” Here are a five suggestions to get backlinks: Exchange links with your […]