Jul 132016
Adding Content To Your Site (Blogging)

The term blog can describe what we are talking about in general (adding material to your site) but I want to be a little more specific so I use either “Dog Training Articles”, “News and Articles” or “Success Stories”. They are all blogging, but we break them down to 2 or 3 categories. Success stories […]

Feb 192016
Website Conversion Design & Web Page Layout

In regards to the layout and design (Website Conversion Design), the most important thing is a layout that will convert well and look good on all devices. That takes a simple design and good correctly sized quality pictures, not stock photos​. To convert well the top of the site should convey; I know your problem (ash […]

Nov 242015
Should I have a Blog on My Site?

Should I have a Blog on My Site? I get this question once in a while so I thought I’d explain it better here than a short answer on facebook. Then again, the answer is almost always, you want a blog ON your site as opposed to a separate blog like blogger(dot)com or wordpress.com. Ok, […]

Sep 092015
Dog Training SEO & Marketing

I’ve been asked what is the difference between a web developer and a web designer. A designer usually designs good looking websites but might struggle to get all the technical features and functions to work. A developer can build a website will all the functions and features you can imagine but the over all look […]

Oct 052014

If you are not familiar with search engine optimization, use this SEO glossary to help you with unfamiliar online marketing terms. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a process of revenue sharing that allows merchants to duplicate sales efforts by enlisting other web sites as a type of outside sales force. Successful affiliate marketing programs […]

Dec 032013
SEO is Like a Puzzle

Many times a person might focus on one piece and wonder why their website doesn’t rank well in search results. But Google uses over 200 puzzle pieces! You need to look at the entire puzzle, not solely one piece your puzzle. As an SEO firm, we look at the big picture of your website puzzle […]

Nov 102013
Search Engine Ranking Factors and SEO

Search engine ranking factors are constantly changing. What is new today becomes old tomorrow. Google’s recent algorithms this year, were aimed at getting rid of websites that spam the users. Social media is also changing how the game is played when it comes to SEO. The search engine ranking factors include social media and quality […]

Aug 112013
How to Do Onpage SEO

As a business owner, you should learn how to do onpage SEO for your website blogging articles. Onpage SEO will help you get higher rankings! You should familiarize yourself with them and begin using them as you add content to your site. Once you know how to do onpage SEO, you can get better rankings […]

Mar 132013
SEO: One Size Does Not Fit All

Do you know the familiar saying, “one size fits all?” That may be true for many situations, but it is not true for search engine optimization (SEO). Many times, business owners come to SEO specialists for complex problems with their company website. Their website doesn’t rank well in search engines. (Google, Bing) They don’t get qualified prospects […]

Jun 262012
SEO Video for a New Business

Google did a great job with this SEO video for a new business! If you are a new startup company, take a look at this SEO video to get the basic steps of SEO! For those who appreciate simple bullets, here is a basic outline of what this 10 minute video discusses: Using Google Webmaster […]