Mar 012011
How to Find Links to Your Website

Do you  want to know how to find links to your website? You might have recently read about the problem with JCPenney and their SEO company. If you haven’t, here is a link to the New York Times article. If you understand the basics of SEO, you grasp the significance of links to your website. […]

Dec 082010
Finding Quality Relevant Links

Finding quality, relevant links is an important aspect of the linking process! We get emails asking to trade links with us. Many people don’t have an understanding of what valuable back-linking is. When another website adds your website link to their site, Google and other search engines take note of that and assumes you have […]

Nov 102010
How Do I Get Links to My Site?

When other sites link to your own site it tells search engines that your site is probably important. Once you know the importance of links to your site (also known as backlinks) you’ll be asking, “How do I get links to my site?” Here are a five suggestions to get backlinks: Exchange links with your […]

Sep 162010
Blog Post Exchanges and Deeplinking

You can trade blog posts with other bloggers to have quality backlinks. In exchange, the other blogger will write a post for your website with a backlink to their website. Here are 5 steps to blog post exchanges: Find relevant websites that blog. You can search for Google blogs at: Find websites that have […]

Jul 192010

Ever asked yourself, “Why are backlinks important?” Today we will examine this question from an SEO perspective so you don’t make a common mistake! Search Engines, (Such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) use backlinks as a way to tell whether a website is popular.  Imagine trying to determine what websites should be in search results […]

Apr 052010

Have you wondered “What is external link for SEO?”  The subject of linking can get confusing especially when there are several different types to grasp in the SEO world. An external link (Also called inbound linking or backlinking) is when you add a hyperlink to a web page on another website. The site you add […]

Sep 122009

Do you notice that people add links to blogs, articles and other websites? Do you ever see a comment that has a link to a topic that is irrelevant? Why is that? Do links matter? Today I have an answer for you! People add links (hyperlinks) all the time to blogs, comments and other places […]

Nov 182008

Backlinks or inbound links are links pointing at a particular web page. The amount and value of inbound links are a primary way that Google places value on your site. Google measures this value as PageRank.  A web site’s PageRank can bee seen using the free Google toolbar. The better the inbound links (determined by […]

Nov 092008

Here is one fast way to get indexed in Google. Submit your rss feed to Google visits everyday and if you have an rss feed in their index, it will most likely get indexed by google within a day or two. Read more about it on the blog