Feb 192016

Website Conversion DesignIn regards to the layout and design (Website Conversion Design), the most important thing is a layout that will convert well and look good on all devices. That takes a simple design and good correctly sized quality pictures, not stock photos​. To convert well the top of the site should convey;

  • I know your problem (ash tree concern)
  • I can fix your problem (I treat ash trees in your area)
  • Call me! (people need to be told what to do)

When someone who needs help looks at a site, they ​make an immediate decision whether or not they can be helped. That means they don’t read, they only scan. You as a business owner have only seconds to catch their attention. The most important thing they should see first is that they can be helped. So only pictures and bullet points should be at the top of the site, they are easy to scan. The bullet points can be on the pictures.. The top has to immediately offer what the company does as a service and where. Much of this is subliminal. They have to feel that you can HELP them. This is often better done with a minimalist layout. Large text and bullet points. We are still at the point where we are trying to CATCH the visitor within the first 10 seconds of them on the site.

I picture is worth a thousand words..The correct picture can convey so much.

Bullet points should be fashioned to promote positive answers, subconsciously we want the visitor to feel and think POSITIVE, so their experience on your site is positive.

The visitor should immediate recognize a person will help them, not an entity or corporation. People expect people to help them, so a person has to be clearly positioned on the top. This makes it personal. That is why we have Walmart Greeters.

After you got their attention and they feel you can help them, they might look around to learn more about you. We don’t want that. We don’t want them to go to your social media page to see what you look like or what others say about you. WE WANT THEM TO CONTACT You…

Since you can’t be sure of what page google might serve in its results, all the main service pages should adhere to this design.

After these basics are covered, the details are less important. For example colors (blue is a trustworthy color) can be more personal. The bottoms of the pages should be lots of text. Each page ideally should have 300 or more words. Keep in mind, most of the text is for google. You should write it for people, but most of your clients don’t want to read all about what you do. The ones who do read it all have no intention of paying you, they want to learn from you and do it themselves. The people who want to pay you, DO NOT want to read you content. They want to contact YOU and have you fix the problem. Don’t ever feel like you are loosing money from placing too much info online. If they read it, they weren’t going to give you money anyway…

I hope this helps… and if you have examples of what you like I can copy it…​I just want to encourage you to follow these concepts.