Nov 242015

should i have a blogShould I have a Blog on My Site?

I get this question once in a while so I thought I’d explain it better here than a short answer on facebook. Then again, the answer is almost always, you want a blog ON your site as opposed to a separate blog like blogger(dot)com or Ok, that could be the end of this post. Read on if you need to know WHY.

Here is WHY you should have a blog on your site.  You always want MORE unique, quality content on your site whenever you can get it. You are trying to convince Google that you are an authority in your field. You can’t do that well with a five page website if you competition has lots of pages. You need to add good unique content to your site. This process will help your site rank better in google. There are many other important ways of getting better ranking (like back linking) but having a blog or adding content to your site regardless of what you call it is always one of the most important things you can do.

If you are challenged by the concept of writing articles or blogging here are some helping tips.

The easiest is to have someone else write for you, (testimonials) from your clients.

The second easiest is to write success stories. This is like a testimonial but YOU write it. For most people it is much easier to document what you have done, rather than write an article from scratch.

The hardest is to write articles; these can be about your business, or service. You can write about your opinion of different teaching tools or aides. How you do things, or how you don’t.

If typing is the issue, you can purchase an inexpensive microphone and use a online dictation or transcription service or program. Talking for a few minutes can put a lot of text on a page. You still have to go over it but that is easier than typing it all out.

Regardless of how you come up with the material, your goal should be for each page to contain:

  • at least 300 words
  • at least one image
  • words your readers or potential clients and customers are looking for. This is important. You are not trying to impress your piers, you are trying to related to the layperson who is looking for your services. Use words and phrases that the layperson would use to put in a search engine to find you.

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