May 302017

Meta Tags & SEO for Dog TrainersMeta tags used to be much more important to SEO but you can still help your site if you make some simple changes to them. The Meta Title Tag is the most important.

Recently I was asked about changing them because of a location change….  Well here are some basic tips you want to understand in regards to Meta Tags. Btw, different website builders might call them different names so be aware.

Before I go on about the meta tags, we need to have a basic understanding of keywords, or keyword phrases for Dog Training. We are talking about what people put into Google to find a business or service. For a Dog Trainer, the most common terms people search for are (in order of searches); Dog Training, Puppy Training, Obedience Training and then using popular breeds or slang terms like pit bull training, German Shepherd Training, and so on….  Btw, Dog Trainer is not nearly as popular as Dog Training….

These phrases are normally together with a location. For example; Dog Training Denver, or German Shepherd Training Fort Lauderdale. You should mention different locations around your area. You are not trying to use Dog Training Denver over and over. You want to mention the suburbs and areas AROUND Denver…..

Here is where you want to have your keyword phrases:

  • File name of new pictures (not sure its worth it to remove existing picture and replace them)
  • ALT tags on pictures
  • Meta DESCRIPTION Tag on each page or post
  • Meta TITLE Tag on each page or post (most important)

It is more important than ever to mention (in a normal way) all the surrounding areas AROUND where you want to rank for on your website, primarily in your content but in the Meta Tags also. So if you are in Denver or Dallas, you need to mention throughout your website all the different suburbs, sections, counties or slang terms of either Denver or Dallas. Do NOT only mention Denver or Dallas.

Here is an example of a Meta Title Tag for the Home page of a Dog Trainer’s website in the Denver area.

Dog & Puppy Training Serving Denver, Lakewood, Aurora & Littleton Colorado.      (commas are optional)  65 characters or less


An example of a picture file name and ALT tag would be very similar and certainly no longer AND based on the picture. If it is a puppy pic on the home page, just use;

Puppy Training Denver

If it is a picture of a dog, use;

Dog Training Denver

Don’t use the same kw phrase over and over.  Other pictures on the home page could be;

Dog Training Lakewood CO

An example of the Meta Description for the same home page would be similar but grammatically more correct, since it will most likely be seen in the Google results;

Looking for Dog & Puppy Training near Denver, Lakewood, Aurora or Littleton Colorado? Contact us now, WE CAN HELP! (555) 122-5555