Sep 092015
This is a picture of Dog Training

This is a picture of Dog Training

I’ve been asked what is the difference between a web developer and a web designer. A designer usually designs good looking websites but might struggle to get all the technical features and functions to work. A developer can build a website will all the functions and features you can imagine but the over all look and layout might not be that spectacular.

I build websites that focus on generating leads by ranking well in Search Engines and Converting Visitors to Clients.

Here is an over view of what i think is important in regards to Dog Training Marketing. I offer FREE SEO CONSULTATION. Contact me now!

The new way to design is for mobile devices first, then for a desktop. To that end, sites are becoming more simple… Large images, large text and often one column. This is done so the website will look ok in ALL devices… Although it might be boring on the larger desktops.

Here are a few of design points that I think are important;

Sites must be mobile friendly. Google is very serious about that now. There is two parts to this, one is a code in the site that tells google it is supposed to be mobile friendly, and other more practical issues like the text can’t be too small. Buttons can’t be too small or too close together…

Above the fold should have Dog Trainer or Training and the location. Second to that should be the contact info or button. Another personal preference is a Dog Training picture. A picture is worth a thousand words! A good picture of a dog is nice, but it does not convey “DOG TRAINING”. The picture needs to be a person training a dog. Not a picture of a dog and a person (that is good for a testimonial). And not just a picture of a dog down, catching a ball or sitting.. It has to be a picture of a person training a dog. I think the best is a side shot of the person and dog, with the dog in a down or sit position. Two dogs is even better. Imagine the emotional connection you can make with a person who can’t get their dog to sit, or stop jumping and YOU CAN MAKE TWO DOGS SIT OR DOWN. The potential client would think you are like magic AND you can help them! This is also very important because people are drawn to people… Btw, your focus should be on improving the humans life and that will only be done by another person who can train dogs. You are not selling cute puppies or beautiful dogs. People want to see people, not corporate entities.

TAKEAWAY: Try to get a picture of a person training a dog

This is NOT a good Dog Training Picture!

This is NOT a good Dog Training Picture!

Above the fold should be about how you can help your potential client, not about you. No one cares about you, what you have done or certificates you have, they only care about what you can do for them.

TAKEAWAY: List credentials, certificates, etc., below they fold or on about us page.
Once you get them hooked emotionally, what you want next is to have them contact you. You don’t necessarily want them spending lots of time on your site. From a business standpoint you want them to call so you can lock them into a plan or consultation. To that end, the content above the fold needs to say “I understand your problem, I can help, call me! ” of course you would word this in a way you are comfortable…. Keep in mind, people need to be told what to do.

TAKEAWAY: Use bullet points and short sentences with a CALL TO ACTION.

That brings me to another pet peeve in regards to marketing. I wouldn’t have the social media buttons at the top of the site, I’d have them at the bottom. The last thing you want is to have someone leave your site and go to your social media pages and not contact you. Your website will convert better than social media page so once they leave your site, there is less chance they will contact you. I know if I get on youtube I could be missing for days…

TAKEAWAY: move social media buttons to bottom