Apr 052010

Have you wondered “What is external link for SEO?”  The subject of linking can get confusing especially when there are several different types to grasp in the SEO world.

An external link (Also called inbound linking or backlinking) is when you add a hyperlink to a web page on another website. The site you add the link to  can be a blog, social media, directory, or many other sites that can help market your site!

But in relation to search engines and it’s meaning, what is external link? When you use external websites to promote your own website, search engines will see your site valued.  One of the goals is for others to share the link and help increase the numbers of hyperlinks that are connected to your website.

If you are still reading this post you might be interested in knowing anyone can look to see how many external links exist to your site or any site. If you go to Yahoo, type in the search bar link:http://www.(yourwebsite) Yahoo will take you to Yahoo Site Explorer and you can view any external link to your site!

I hope this answers “What is external link for SEO.” This is part two of a three part series on linking and how links effect and promote your site! In the SEO realm, linking needs to be considered a main factor to any small business owner who wants to improve their results in search engines.

If you want us to glance at your site or help with the linking needs for your small business website, contact us today. I hope this post takes your website one step closer in search results and the huge possibilities of internet marketing!

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  1. Hello Melodie, I got usefull info on external links, thanks to you.

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