Sep 122009

Do you notice that people add links to blogs, articles and other websites? Do you ever see a comment that has a link to a topic that is irrelevant? Why is that? Do links matter? Today I have an answer for you!

People add links (hyperlinks) all the time to blogs, comments and other places on the internet. The reason? Sometimes to share information and other times it’s related to internet marketing. Google values and looks at the links connected to your website!

One problem I see all the time is that people are trying to add a link to this blog but it is totally irrelevant to my posting. And I usually delete it! From a internet marketing perspective, search engines are looking for relevant links. In other words, if your website is selling car parts and you have links to jewelry, the two are not connected. Not good! The web site with car parts should be linked to another car website. Something such as car repair, car washes, car paint jobs, etc. You get the picture!

I wrote this post to encourage those of you who know the importance of linking (and try to link to this blog) to go to: Links Do Matter.

When you add a link to a blog, article, or website, try to use keywords in your anchor text.  Good anchor text is always beneficial. Sometimes a website will not give you the ability to do this.  If you are unable, you should still add the link.

We put together to help those trying to build PageRank for their sites.  All you have to do is add a comment on the site explaining what type of backlink you are looking for and what you have to offer. When others with a relevant site see your comment, you can email each other and work out the link strategy. You can also request to post a link on this site if there is no other significant website that will help you out.  So check it out today…links do matter!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this article and agree with your point of view. With a little work this website could be an authority site.