Melodie Savoca’s Portfolio –  Here are some examples of social media work done at SEO Does Matter, Inc. In addition I’ve added some of my media experience, web marketing and SEO accomplishments from 2008 – 2009 with Coral Ridge Ministries.

Social Media – I have created social media networks in addition to optimizing channels with social media. Primarily with Facebook, but also I have created profiles on Merchant Circle, Twitter, Google Places, Youtube, Pinterest, etc…

Here are some  Facebook business pages I’ve created:

Here are other social media sites which I created company or business profiles:

Keyword Optimization with Coral Ridge Ministries in 2008 and 2009 –

Search Phrase Position when I left Prior to Optimization
learn2discern Google (3) Yahoo (1) not in search results
truths that transform Google (1) Yahoo (1) Google (2) Yahoo (2)
Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy Google (3) Yahoo(1) not in search results
patriotic bible Google (2) Yahoo (2) not in search results
Muslim vs Christian Google (9) Yahoo (7) not in search results
Islam documentary Google (12) Yahoo (1) not in search results

Other Accomplishments at Coral Ridge Ministries

  • keyword research for search engine optimization
  • xml and html sitemaps
  • title tags
  • optimizing articles to other sites
  • optimizing news release to other sites
  • optimized and added video and other media to other sites
  • learned Sharepoint (CMS)
  • encouraged the importance of quality assurance and user friendly websites
Tom Savoca’s Portfolio –  Please go to my other law and security website optimization to see my portfolio.